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Share in the costof your link building

Invitation only software that connects multiple link builders with similar, non competitive businesses to share in the cost of link building, blog outreach, online PR and guest posting

Trusted by over 5 very average small businesses


Work with hundreds of link builders safely

Always find the best opportunities by working with many different link builders at one time. Share in the cost by joining already active link building campaigns in similar industries. Simply complete your profile details, request to join and if you are a non-competing company, then you will receive link building opportunities as and when they are found. We provide complete analytical analysis of each website, with customer reviews, historial data and social media trending analysis. Our goal is to provide you with the data that matters so you can make informed decisions before you buy.

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Marcia Hill, Digital Marketing Manager
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Avoid Google Penalties and unhappy clients

Getting your clients on a blog is one thing, helping your clients acheive great rankings is another. We closely follow Google spam guidelines using our own scraping tool to better understand what the search engines are looking for, while offering anominity to avoid future problems with websites that our clients want to use for link building or blog outreach.

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Understand the cost of building a link or creating a blog post

We all know that around 60-70% of websites recieve payment for a link or blog post. That is not our concern and we do not participate in any purchasing or recieve any money in that regard. What we can do is provide you with statitics for the general cost of such an enterprise. All data is added anonomously and calculated to provide an overal score allowing you a better understanding of what you get for what you pay.

“Cras velit quis eros eget rhoncus lacus ultrices sed diam. Sit orci risus aenean curabitur donec aliquet. Mi venenatis in euismod ut.”

Marcia Hill, Digital Marketing Manager
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Research and management tools built for efficiency

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Search Facility

Search from a growing list of analysed websites with filters covering industry, job types, blogs types and price range.

Manage Link Builders

Build a team of trusted link builders, receive updates via email and use our application process. Live chat also included.

Client Management

Add your clients websites to help us provide you with the appropriate analysis for further quality control on potential partnerships.

Website Analysis

View our 30 step metrics to get a complete picture of the website potential ranking potential for your clients.


Find out the average cost of how much a link or blog post will cost based on key metrics including domain authority.


Track your clients links after application so that you can be sure that they have not been removed or altered.


Recieve notification when new website are including, apply filters on what you would like to see and what you are looking for.


Choose what information you are willing to share with potentail link builders and when.

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Valuable Metrics

Get actionable data that will help grow your clients business

Ultimately we are a distruptive data and web scraping company built around helping digital agencies acheive better results for their clients and avoid that common pitfalls normally associate with outsourcing link building. This simple offering has helped us acheive great things.

8K+Companies use our service to analyze thier clients blog outreach and link building better.

25Countries around the globe trust and use our service.

98%Customer satisfaction is a great statistic and one we are very proud off.

12M+website analyzed every year.

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